Social Media
Marketing Strategy

Let’s run your company’s social media profiles together

Managing a company’s Social Media Marketing Strategy is not a simple task

“SNS” undertakes to create and implement your strategy, with a full understanding of the needs and specificities of each brand/business.

We offer the following services:
• SWOT analysis and market research of the sector in which your company operates.
• Creation of social media profile compatible with the company’s personality.
• Creation of website and e-shop (where required).
• Editing content posted on social media and their strategy.
•Feedback management/Communication with consumers.
• Monthly reports.
• Google Ads/Online advertising.

Let’s run your company’s social networks together in 3 key steps!

1st step:

We create visuals and a presence with comprehensive information on Facebook.

2nd step:

We integrate applications into your page for an even more comprehensive presence, while also achieving greater flexibility in strategic areas (e.g. collection of e-mails).

Applications – Tabs:

  • Contest application
  • Map
  • Email registration form
  • Contact form
  • Events
  • Offer – discount coupon
  • Banner
  • Price list
  • Sending mass invitations to friends to like your page
  • Twitter tab – follow button
  • Testimonials, success stories, what people said about us
  • Booking – TripAdvisor (for hotels)

Creation of other social media profiles (depending on the type of business) such as:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


3rd step:

  • Target-oriented strategy:
    1. Raising awareness of the services/product you provide and dissemination of the your brand.
    2. Increasing traffic to your site.
    3. New customers
    4. Contacts with your audience (your consumers)
    5. Customer support
    6. Creating a community for your company/business
  • Newsletters campaigns (sending mass emails from a database we have created with the help of a strategy).
  • Back links & SEO
  • Social Media viral campaigns

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