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How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is a Google service that allows:

  • The ads on the Google search engine in the top 4 positions of the search results at the top of the page.

  • Advertising on GDN (Google Display Network) websites in collaboration with Google with Banners.

  • Pre roll Video Ads at YouTube.

  • Remarketing of all of the above.

  • The first result in Google Ads is an ad that scores good quality and relevance and an adequate targeting budget.

So it’s not enough just the money to come out first. It needs a series of customizations and targets. And that's our expertise!

We then analyze your advertising goals. What products / services you want to promote, to what audience, what goal you have, by what means you will achieve it, what budget you have.

You set a monthly budget (budget) that you want to invest and indicate to us which products and services you want to promote.

Then we undertake to create the campaign with specialized ads that meet exactly the needs of the user who is looking in the search engine.

Your ads will appear in the words people search for on the search engine and on partner sites and YouTube. All this is a matter of choice, we consider them depending on the objectives of the ad.

Every time a user clicks on your ad, you pay an amount that we’ve strategically predetermined in Google Ads. When the user clicks on your ad, they are taken to your site on a page that we have also predetermined.

We monitor the user and analyze his behavior throughout the advertising to know the satisfaction index and to be able to customize the advertising and the page of the site (landing page) that welcomed each user.

What budget do you need in google ads?

Depending on the products you want to target and the market you are addressing, you need the corresponding budget.

In any case, we start with a minimum amount and we monitor the reaction of users.

When we see the first results, we continue increasing the amount of advertising but always taking careful steps so that we can be sure that the amount we will invest will return in the form of purchases / interest / traffic in multiples.

First steps of Cooperation.

We set up a meeting to analyze your goals, set your budget, analyze your website, organize your ads.

We organize your campaign, create the ads, optimize your account.

The Google Ads campaign starts. We optimize each stage and monitor the visitors, the reactions in order to bring the appropriate result through targeted customization.

Since the influx of users to your website or e-shop is vital for the economic development of your business, we implement a comprehensive PPC (pay per click) strategy. We drive to your website only the potential customers who are ready to accept what you offer them.

We believe in a continuous test and improvement of the way a PPC advertising campaign is displayed in order to limit your promotion budget and achieve the maximum possible results.

Advertising through Google Ads is the fastest and most efficient way to take off your sales at a very low cost. The goal of SNS is to continuously reduce the cost of lead acquisition (CPC) by increasing the return on your investment even more.

Our detailed and Google-certified knowledge of Google Ads’ ever-evolving search platforms will save you valuable time and money, allowing you to focus on your business.

What we can provide you with

  • Create and manage your Google Ads campaign

  • Monitor and improve your Google Ads campaign

  • Research Keywords. Study and choose the keywords that best meet your goals

  • Choosing the right budget and cost per click

  • Direct the ad to the correct landing page

  • Link your campaign to conversion tracking

  • Traffic analysis with accurate numbers (using the Google Analytics service) to always have a detailed picture of the traffic of your website.

  • Analyze your competition in Google Ads

What you’ll gain

  • Immediate performance, immediate results of your ad

  • Reduce your ad spend than it would be if you ran a Google Ads campaign yourself

  • Immediate increase in traffic to your website

  • More and more effective opportunities to promote

  • Advantage over competition

Leave to us concepts such as CTR, Average CPC, CPI, ROI, Quality Index, and deal with what you know how to do well. That is, with the customer service that will definitely bring you, the reduced-cost optimized campaign in Google Ads, by SNS and the support of Google.

For further information and/or clarifications do not hesitate to contact us.

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