E-mail Marketing Newsletters

A means of promoting a company and its products and/or services

E-mail Marketing | Newsletters

A newsletter is a regular publication which serves as a means of promoting a company and its products and/or services, and is sent via e-mail.

It offers many advantages, which if used properly, can be a powerful tool for any business.
• They are personalized.
• They are immediate.
• They increase the popularity of a site.
• They increase sales.
• They can help the company assess interest and provide feedback.

It is worth noting that it gives us the possibility of assessing the following:
• How many recipients our e-mail reached.
• How many of them read it.
• Where they «clicked» on the e-mail (so we can have a feedback about the points that attracted their interest, e.g. the offers, the name of the company, etc.
• What is the gender and age of the people who received it and in which area they live (demographics).

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