Google Shopping Ads

They are here to stay!

It’s a new type of ad that appears in search results with a product photo, title, price and store name. So, in addition to text ads, there are also Google Shopping Ads.

What do the ads include?

The key information of the ads are the product image and price, so that users may have a complete picture of your product and store at a single glance.

  • Photo
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Store

Where are they posted?

  • Google Search results
  • In the Shopping ads tab by selecting the appropriate filters
  • On YouTube

What do they serve for?


  • They provide a representative and comprehensive image of the product, before the user clicks on the ad (before we are charged) and therefore better traffic with a high conversion rate.
  • Another placement of the ad, often parallel to the search.
  • Sales increase.

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